Gluten Free Chocolate Muffins Recipe

Make these delicious gluten free chocolate muffins at home using our gluten free cake and muffin mix, which has been developed in partnership with the late Professor Jan de Vries.

Your family and guests will be in for a treat, and they’re so easy to make. As we like to say, they’re beautifully simple, simply beautiful!

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Spelt Fruit Soda Bread Recipe

Nothing makes you feel at home quite like the taste of homemade bread, and we’ve got the perfect, simple recipe to make a tasty loaf of spelt fruit soda bread for your friends and family to enjoy.

Baker’s Tips

Buttermilk can be replaced with natural yoghurt.
This mix is sugar-free, so the eggs and fruit will enrich and sweeten it naturally.
Eggs can be replaced with extra buttermilk.
A teaspoon of sugar can be added to this mix if desired.

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