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Traditional Sponge Mix

Traditional Sponge Mix 300gm

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Traditional sponge Mix,  add water only.


Traditioal sponge mix 300gm

Pre heat oven to 165c

measure 150ml cold water ( in winter time use water at room temperature), pour water into a machine mixing bowel add contents of the tub.

Whisk on slow speed for 2mins, then on fast speed for 15 mins,

For chocolate sponge 10ml water in small container and add 1teaspoon full of good quailty cocoa powder, when mixed with a spoon (it should be like a soft batter), it takes a minute for the cocoa powder to absorb the liquid, on slow speed add to the sponge batter, then on top speed till it is whisked in ( Apox 1 min ),stop mixer and scrape down the sided of the bowel till all the white batter is incoperated into the chocolate mix..

For Victoria sponge add 4gms of SOFTENED Cake  Margarine at the 1st stage,

Bake 20 mins apox  (depending sponge depth), A good guide is when the sponge starts to leave the sides off the tin


This will make two 7″ Deep sponges,

The  air tight food grade tub can be usefull again arround the house for lots of jobs.after it is wash out.



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