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Chocolate & Mint Chips

Chocolate & Mint Chips ( 200gm)

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Chocolate and Mint Chips add a extra hint of mint flavour and texture to the Cake.


Ingredients:  Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Fruit & Vegetable Concentrates,Glcose Syrup,  Natural Peppermint flavouring, Emulisfier ( SOYA Lecithin), Coconut Oil, Beeswax. —-Allergens in CAPITALS.

These add a little peppermint crunch and flavour to the cake, we recommend a few drops of Peppermint Essence oil if you like a little extra Minty Flavour.

These are designed for baking with in a cake batter, if used as a topping the mint chips are inclined to be hard and extra crunchy.

Comes in a 365Ml Tamperproof resealable food grade tub. Slelf life Minium 60 Days store away from sunlight and heat as it will cause discolouration of the chocolate,





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