Dairy Free Range

Dairy free doesn’t have to mean you compromise on the flavour or texture of your favourite treats. We’ve created our very own dairy free recipes for you to enjoy.


Dairy Free Baking Mixes

As part of our range of handy baking mixes, we’ve included some dairy free options for those on a dairy free diet. They’re easy to make, and perfect to bake with the kids!

You can now make your own oat bread, spelt bread or spelt scones at home, giving you the freshest baked goods, and the satisfaction of having baked them yourself!

We’re all about flavour and quality here at Lakeland Bakery, and our baking mixes are no exception. Suitable for a number of dietary requirements, we’ve created recipes which are full of flavour and texture, because that’s how it should be.

As we like to say here at Lakeland Bakery, they’re “beautifully simple, simply beautiful”.

Dairy Free Bakery Products

We’ve now added a number of dairy free bakery products to our ranges, so you can treat yourself and your family, without worrying about the dairy content.

The range is perfect for home bakers, with tasty flavoured icings and fillings to help you bake delicious cakes and buns for everyone to enjoy.

The dairy free range includes:

Sugar paste roll on icing

Orange cake filling

Pastry cases

Oat biscuits

All our dairy free products can be delivered throughout Ireland and the UK, so you can have them brought straight to your door.


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