Egg Free Range

We have several egg free baking mixes and products to choose from, so if you’re looking for treats which are suitable for those with egg allergies, we can certainly help. It can be difficult to find tasty baked goods which are egg free, so we’ve tried to make it a little easier, and as always, quality and taste is the priority when it comes to our foods, and our egg free products are no exception.

LakelandBakery Spelt scone mix

Egg Free Baking Mixes

Choose from our range of delicious egg free mixes, and enjoy your own home baked egg free cakes, breads and scones any time. The range has been developed with and approved by the late Jan de Vries, an endorsement we’re very proud of here at Lakeland Bakery. A

s well as focusing on creating delicious egg free recipes, we wanted to create products which our customers could bake themselves with minimum hassle. And so, our simple bake at home egg free mixes were created. As we like to say, they’re “Beautifully simple, simply beautiful”.

Egg Free Bakery Products

We also have a range of egg free breads, biscuits, icings and fillings to choose from. So whether you’re doing some home baking, or you’d prefer to have the finished article delivered straight to your door, you’ve come to the right place!

Gluten free sponge cake

Browse our online bakery store to see the full range of egg free baking mixes, breads, biscuits, and baking products. All of our egg free products are available for delivery throughout the UK and Ireland, so you can enjoy them wherever you are.

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