Allergy Friendly

Gluten Free


Gluten free cakes, buns, cookies, breads, scones and more. Bake your own mixes, or freshly baked gluten free products.

Wheat Free

Lakeland Bakery oat bread mix

Wheat free baked goods and baking mixes, including wheat free cakes, muffins and cookies.

Yeast Free

Lakeland Bakery - gluten-free-muffin

A wide range of yeast free products, baked fresh and delivered all over Ireland and the UK.

No Added Sugar

lakeland Bakery - spelt-Scones

Reduce your sugar intake with our range of tasty baked goods with no added sugar.

Egg Free


Our range of egg free baking mixes, tasty breads, and flavoured icings and fillings.

Nut Free

Lakeland Bakery - nut-free-Cake

Nut free breads, cakes, scones, cookies and more. We don’t use nuts in any of our baked goods, giving you extra piece of mind.

Soya Free

Lakeland Bakery - Strawberry_tart

A range of soya free products to choose from, including our bake at home mixes, or our freshly baked breads, cakes and more.

Dairy Free

Oat Biscuits Wheat free

Choose from a range of dairy free goodies, all freshly baked and full of flavour.

Sesame Free


All of our online products are sesame free, so browse the bakery for an array of sesame free treats.

We’re delighted to bring you our expanding range of allergy friendly baked goods. From gluten and wheat free, to dairy and nut free, we’ve developed recipes to suit a variety of dietary requirements. Check out our online bakery to order for delivery throughout the UK and Ireland.

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